Vagicare Lounge and Spa

Welcome to VagiCare Lounge/ Spa, your number one source for all of your feminine needs! We’re dedicated to giving you the very best with a focus on ensuring that all ingredients are safe and 100% Natural. 

Steaming session runs for 30 min/one hour

Keeping Your YONI Healthy 

What To Expect?

Vagicare Spa is a gathering place for sisters to feel completely relaxed and rejuvenate while nourishing the womb.

Our service allow modern day woman the opportunity to reconnect to the wisdom of the womb.

Vagicare Spa created a place to ensure you receive the most relaxing , rejuvenating service. Most women comes out of our yoni room feeling calmed, energized, renew and confident.

What is Vagina Steaming?

Vaginal streaming involves sitting over a special blend of herbs infused with hot water to cleanse the womb for a healthier vagina. Steaming helps to renew, relax, strengthen and tone the uterus

Vagicare Spa believes in the strength and value of water, and we encourage every client to drink plenty of water before and after each visit

Feeling Fresh, smelling clean, always practice good hygiene