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  • WET WET  SEX LUBRICANT - vagicareproducts
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More exciting, more satisfying. More everything.
Key Feature
  • Make Chemistry, Make Magic, Make Love
  • Tingling Sensation for Her
  • Warming Sensation for Him
  • Compatible with K-Y intimate devices

SEX Lubricant is a personal lubricant that you can use when indulging in oral sex. Sex lubricants are made with food-grade ingredients that are safe to ingest. Our lubes are also flavored, giving your erotic pleasures a tasty twist!

Women are typically most familiar with vaginal lubricants, products that are used prior to sex to ease painful intercourse. If you are looking for an option that can be used right before having sex to enhance intimacy,  Sex lubricant is the answer. Sex lubricant will provide a natural feeling and continuous pleasure for those moments of intimacy.

when to used lubricant 

It is common for the vagina to produce insufficient lubrication. Sex lubricant replaces the natural vaginal secretions, making the vagina feel more moist and reducing any discomfort resulting from vaginal dryness.

When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina normally self-lubricates. This makes the overall experience a lot more fun.

Intercourse without lubricant can be painful and damage the vaginal lining. Your body may produce less lubricant as a result of hormonal changes, menopause, aging.

Sex lubricant can help enhance arousal, boost sexual pleasure, keep your vaginal skin soft, and, most importantly, reduce friction during penetration — whether it’s by a partner or your favorite sex toys. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Definitely buying again. Not all oily and lubes up real good...super slick with a non-greasy feel.


Slick as silk. Feels great! Wife loves flavor and scent. Lasts awhile and not too sticky. Highly recommend!


This lube is great. I ordered a bunch because the ones we had were garbage and would get sticky after 2 to 3 minutes. No such nonsense here. Flavor is great, longevity is great, viscosity is great. No sticky crap! 5 stars.


You'll have fun with this strawberry lubricant. It glides on smoothly and smells amazing. I also tastes yummy, which is perfect for enhancing intimate activities with your partner. You can apply it to just about anything, and it increases the pleasure of your experience.


Excelente lubricación, un lubricante muy natural y además ayudo a que el el momento fuese demasiado divertido y se pudo disfrutar 😌 lo volvería a comprar una vez se me termine 😍