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This combo contains 1 Yoni Wash and a bottle of  1 Yoni Oil of your choice. For a on the go fresh feeling all day.

 REJUVENENATING OIL: contains powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. will combat bad bacteria that causes yeast infections/recurring infections and BV.
Helps soothe irritation, razor bumps/burns, ingrown hairs and itchiness
Alleviates vaginal dryness
Abolish bad odor
Can help alleviate menstrual cramps
Keeps your yoni feeling fresh all day
Regulates PH
Promotes toning and tightening of vaginal muscle
Can be use as a lubricant for sexual intercourse.


CLEAN AND FRESH cleanser is used in an aid in controlling PH balance, odor, and upkeep of the vulva, clitoris, and vaginal area. Use 1-2 drops of product into palm of hand mix with water and allow lather to create then apply to feminine area for complete benefits.

By using this Organic wash you will clean all those sensitive areas but unlike other washes instead of stripping you will fortify your natural defenses and balance your pH.


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