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  • Inflammation Self-Test Strips  (3 pk) - vagicareproducts
  • Inflammation Self-Test Strips  (3 pk) - vagicareproducts
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PH Test Strips (3 pk)

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If you are looking for an easy, reliable and cost-effective way to accurately monitor the pH levels , then the Vagicare pH test strips are going to make your life easier

Vaginal Health pH Test Strips Monitor Vaginal Health & Prevent Infection Accurate Acidity & Alkalinity Balance. A simple, inexpensive, disposable test you take at home.

 A cotton swab and the test card is all that is needed to test your vaginal ph level

To determine the pH of your solution simply take one pH strip and dip it into the urine for 1-2 seconds. Wait for up to 15 seconds and then match your strip against the color chart that's provided on the case to determine the pH.

Size: 3 pack

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Y.
Five Star

Keeping track hoping to keep cancer away,eating better


This product arrived quickly and was well protected in transit. We have been reading more and more about the importance of knowing what your body acid level is. We bought these to quickly be able to test our pH levels. The bottle is easy to open. The strips simply either passed through your urine stream and can be quickly read based on the chart that is on the paper. You can also use saliva to test. We check our levels every few days just to see if there’s any kind of trend/pattern that may help us improve our health.


am so glad they have finally created a vaginal health test that you can use at home. It’s great to be able to determine whether you have a yeast infection or need to see a doctor. This test really takes the guesswork out of it. It’s easy to use and you will have results within minutes. Every woman should have this in their home. I highly recommend!

Can’t Go Wrong

I think this is a great product. I love that this is an at-home test kit, especially during a pandemic when you might not want to go to the doctor unless you have to. This swab can tell you if there is some abnormality that may require a doctor visit. It is really easy to use and also easy to read. If the swab changes color, you should check in with a doctor. It's that simple. It can put some ease on your mind if you are concerned about something. Obviously it is not the be-all-end-all and you should seek medical care if needed or if you are still unsure. The test cannot guarantee that there aren't any issues in your vaginal area, it tests for certain ph changes only.


I really liked this product. It's so much better then having to make a doctor appointment. I mean if you know you need to make one please do I'm talking about for a simple issue that you might not even have. This test comes in very useful. It is very easy to use and very easy to understand instructions. If it turns a different color that would mean you have to call and make a doctor appointment. It does give you peace of mind knowing you have this product. Also you get two test sticks so in case you mess one up and don't do it right there is always the other one or mostly you have the extra one for another use. This product is very useful.