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Welcome to Vagicare V Lounge  

True renewal doesn't stop when your experience ends. At vagicare v lounge we create and customize each luxurious treatment in-house to deliver the exact mood you desire. We offer variety of spa services. 

How  Often To Steam:

We recommend steaming 2 times per month. Few days before and after your cycle. Helps shift hormonal balance  in the body and maintain the balance of the nervous system. 


Do not steam during pregnancy or after ovulation if you are actively trying to get pregnant. 

Do not steam if you have an infection or breakout

Do not steam when you are seeing your menstrual cycle.



 Fertility Goddess Cleanse         45 minutes 

Our vaginal goddess  session is for woman  that want to naturally become pregnant. The herbal blend carefully selected to assist with overcoming the root cause of infertility, cleans the womb and enhance your chances of a healthy pregnancy.  

Million of woman in the world are struggling with PCOS estimate of 20% of woman experience ovarian cysts.This herbal blend is selected to help woman dissolve cyst and eliminate PCOS.


Queen Of Sheba Cleanse / Foot detox            60 minutes  

This cleanse is a must have for all females that are sexual active. We hand pick the herbs to help with heavy menstrual cramps,  Yeast infections, BV, painful intercourse, unpleasant odor, balance PH level, detox your ex boyfriend, tighten  vagina, want to be wetter, stimulate healthy sexual energy, strengthen the uterus, release physical & sexual trauma, relieves menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, remove bad bacteria ,Treat Fibroids. This cleanse helps to clear the uterus lining, detox the womb and restore the uterus.


Vagicare Lounge believes in the strength and value of water, and we encourage every client to drink plenty of water before and after each visit

Feeling Fresh, smelling clean, always practice good hygiene


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thank Goodness

ladies ...Miss Lisa is so nice ... this was my first time doing a steam and she make sure she answer all my questions and concerns. Go check her out , you will not regret it.

Amazing feeling refreshed

I highly recommend this services.. this is my fist stem session and OMG!!! I love it

First time but won’t be my last!

First, let me say the shop was absolutely beautiful. The staff was nice and inviting Lisa took the time to explain everything to me to let me know all the ingredients being used and told me exactly what to expect. I was a bit nervous as this was my first time, ever trying anything such as this. The environment was extremely relaxing and the owner provided beverages for hydration. The staff came in to check on me regularly to make sure I was comfortable.
I had a very pleasurable experience, and I will definitely be doing this again. I was originally considering this treatment because I was having pain in my right side, which i was informed was related to my ovaries. So I decided to try the steam treatment along with the pearls. I am happy to inform you that for the first time in months, my right side is no longer hurting And I honestly believe that it’s all thanks to the treatments that I received .
Thank you so very much

Can’t wait for my next treatment!


I just completed my sessions at Vagicare V Lounge this week and I am beyond grateful. It was everything – physically and mentally calming, cleansing and relaxing.

😯 wow!!

The owner is an amazing young lady. The location is great. My steam was perfect. I plan to return for many years to come."